Valentines Day Only!

Valentines Day Only! 20% Off My entire site and Services!!

This includes Reiki and my homemade body butter.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Garnets are a girl’s best friend? Amethyst is a girl’s best friend? These are the preferred gemstones of February.
Which one is your favorite? Not all are created equal. All gemstones have healing qualities.

Diamonds help clear emotional and mental pain by reducing fear and gives you a chance at new beginnings. They help bring forth creativity and imagination. When used in meditation they help open your crown chakra which in turn creates better clarity enlightenment.

Wear Garnet for love and devotion, to balance and revitalize emotional energy. Garnet has also been known to balance the sex drive.

Amethyst is widely known as a soothing or calming stone by relieving stress, irritability, anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. It also helps with grief and removes negativity. Connect back to your intuition and psychic abilities with Amethyst gemstones.

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