Process of the Week: Color

The colors of the rainbow are variations of white light, reflecting the diverse experiences of life, and they are all valid. Each color of the spectrum has its own energetic vibration that stimulates certain responses and healing. Different colors mirror your current physical, emotional, and spiritual state. Your soul uses this mirror to communicate your need to heal or to embrace balance. Get to know what colors you are attracted to and the ones that repel you. You are love, and you are loved, no matter how colorful your or another’s life is.


Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Float inward on your breath, go with it to your heart. See nebulous clouds of color shift and move within your magical heart. Glide through each colored cloud, feeling their different qualities. Red is strong foundations, orange is creation, yellow is confidence, green is healing, blue is self-expression and purple is intuition. From purple, you drift into a bright, white light that shines from deeper within your secret heart. This light contains the blueprint of your soul. Feel it gently shifting to share important information with you. Float in this space for at least a minute and open to all your soul wants to share with you. When you feel ready allow this wisdom to travel with you back through the clouds of color. Glide through red into your physical body and open your eyes. You are filled with wisdom.
To activate different color qualities in your life, imagine breathing a color for at least one minute. Red for action, orange for creation, yellow for confidence, green for healing, blue for self-expression, purple for intuition, pink for love, white for hope, and black for regeneration.

The Secret Language of Light @denisejarvie11

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