Our Angels are sending us messages. If you continue to see 123 or 1234 read this. Angels send us messages to help keep us on track and in these times the more help we receive the better! Ask and listen. Pay attention and know your headed down the right path:)

The first numbers we learn to count, Angel number 1234 is a symbol of progress. We’re taking methodical steps along a greater journey, and our success is imminent. This progress represents the guidance we’re receiving from our Angels along the way.

Take this as a sign that you’re on course. Persistence pays off, so don’t let fear or doubt prevent you from achieving your life’s destiny.

Angel numbers can manifest themselves at any time in our lives, but they most often appear when we truly need to hear a message from the spiritual world. We may experience times when Angel numbers appear to us on a daily basis, or even several times per day depending on the urgency of their message.

But once that message is received, we may go periods where the Angels seem to give us radio silence on the Angel number front.

Rest assured: your Divine guides haven’t forgotten you. The Angels are still working in the background on your behalf to help you on the next steps of your life journey. Keep your eye out for new Angel signs and messages that may pop up to lead you on that path.

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