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Tarnished Gold by Lynn ThompsonGoing back to school has me reflecting on Sam’s story. Samantha Sungold-Tarnished Gold is a Young Adult novel I have been working on at random times. Sam is a character that first came to be in Sterling. Tarnished Gold is Sam’s story.

I recently dove back into writing Sam’s story because I love, love, love the characters and I would like to have it published by the end of this year or beginning of next year. (The reason I put Sam’s novel aside to begin with is because I made writing it more complicated than it needed to be. I felt the need to delve into the teenage mind and it took me a while to realize I have all of the information I need in my own mind. Thank You very much:)) Besides I have my next three novels trying to fight for precedence and can’t seem to write fast enough to get one novel out.

In Tarnished Gold, Sam doesn’t go to a public school. She is tutored at home and isn’t very fond of her teacher Drake Soto. Drake rubs Sam the wrong way and has a sliminess to him. Is that a word? Sliminess? Drake isn’t what he seems to be and Sam picks up on that quality right away.

I’m lucky. Not only do I get to listen to my classes at home, online, I also have liked all of my teachers so far.

I’ve finished up my Social Media Marketing class and am now signed up for a class in Blogging & Content Marketing (because we all know blogging is important for writers.) Both through Shaw Academy. I have a feeling this will be my last class for now. I absolutely love to learn new things, but I need a break too.

The one-month courses I have been taking are intense, but worth it:) These are the lessons we covered In my Social Media Marketing class.

Courtisy of mrsbremersk.blogspot.ca
Courtesy of mrsbremersk.blogspot.ca

Lesson 1: Content and Community – Build It and They Will Come AND Stay

What is social media? Why is it so important for businesses? Where did it come from? The answer to these practical questions are where we begin our course as a means of leveling the playing field among our students to ensure a strong foundation for learning.

Social media is often described as the place where content and community meet. That said, we all need to have something to share on our social media channels if we want users to follow our business. This class covers how to create content for sharing, and leverage it to increase the reach of your social media profiles.

How much do you know about the Social Media aspects of online marketing?  What is important to your online marketing?

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