Writers World- Sam’s Story #SneakPeek #YA Chapter Eleven The Conjuring

Samantha Sungold-Tarnished Gold by Lynn Thompson

Samantha Sungold-Tarnished Gold by Lynn ThompsonTrey and the gang showed up a few minutes before I closed the shop. I applied a small amount of lipgloss, locked up and we headed to the movie theater, passed the movie theater, and continued to walk down the road. I slowed my steps and raised an eyebrow at Trey.

He grinned. “Don’t worry,” he said as he tugged on my hand in an attempt to catch up with the others. “We’re going to Kova’s tonight.”

I didn’t know what to think, but since Kova came through for me I felt like I should put some trust in her.

We entered Kova’s house and I was speechless. The outside looked like the typical two-story house with a balcony, but the inside was huge. I followed her through the living room and could easily imagine twenty to thirty people comfortably lounging in the area around the enormous fireplace. I caught a glance at the bathroom. It was spacious with a double vanity, shower (with three shower heads on each side of the walls and a bench), full jet tub and toilet. I could easily live inside her bathroom I thought. Down the hall, she opened a door, flipped on the light and we took the stairs down to the basement/entertainment room. There was a pool table in one corner, a pinball machine in another, a big screen TV on the wall, bean bags everywhere and a full couch including a lounge chair centered in front of the TV.

I plopped down in the middle of the couch. Trey and Tavian boxed me in. Ginger and Pepper boxed Angel in on the other side of the couch as we watched Kova jump up and down while she slid a disk into the PS-4. Kova hit play, twirled to the light, flicked it off, and nudged herself between me and Tavian.

“Woot!” Ginger exclaimed as the movie started. “This is on my flick list! Nice pick, Kova.”

Kova grinned. Pepper inched her way closer to Angel, I was bound and determined to be brave and stick this one out.

Ironically The Conjuring was in the venue tonight. I hate dolls. Dolls have given me the creeps for as long as I remember and I’m a firm believer they hold lost spirits in their creepy little doll forms. A chill crawled up my back at the mere sight of Annabelle.

Trey laced his fingers through mine and it took all of my will not to crawl into his lap. I couldn’t relax during the movie but was proud of myself, I only jumped out of my skin every so often. I watched in silence as the demon reeked havoc on the Perron family before finally taking possession of Carolyn. The hanging of the witch sucked the air out of my lungs. And, of course, the movie ended with Annabelle again. I searched my brain for any sightings of dolls in my house and it came up empty. I sighed with relief, one thing I didn’t have to worry about when I got home.

After the movie ended the gang started critiquing it. Full body chills consumed me. What if I let loose something demonic? What if the memories I had weren’t truly mine? I was left to wonder if I was conjuring something I shouldn’t by working the spells I’d found and I made a mental note that if everything I’d been doing blew up in my face I should do a statewide search for paranormal investigators. I reminded myself that no-one knew I was a semi-practicing witch or a spell caster in training. I also reminded myself that I had no clue what I was doing when I cast the spells.