Writers World- Sam’s Story #TarnishedGold #SneakPeek #YA Chapter Twenty


GatorTarnished Gold by Lynn Thompson

Angel’s shout startled me. I examined the picture but didn’t see anything.

“Right there,” Angel pointed to an image. The gang surrounded us and I realized I’d been so intent on searching for the car I missed the gator.

“Wow! Isn’t she a big girl?” Kova’s eyes rounded into nervous excitement as we stared at the gator camouflaged in the long willowy grass.

“I’m so glad I decided against scuba diving in the lake,” I whispered in awe. “You don’t think she’s hungry do you?”

Angel laughed, “It looks like she’s eaten recently.” He zoomed in on the feed. There was a mangled dead animal resting below the gator.

“Eww,” Ginger and Pepper exclaimed in unison. They giggled at each other.

The image both grossed me out and made me feel better at the same time.

“That’s cool and all, but we’re on a mission. Time to get back to finding our treasure. Which way Angel?”

Kova handed Angel her phone so he could direct Travian to the exact spot she’d marked on the GPS.

The song, Secret Agent Man, randomly popped into my mind as I watched.

Tavian moved the camera a few inches towards the gator. Her black eyes followed the camera. She didn’t budge.

“Ah, it looks like the gator made her bed in our spot.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No. She’s where we want to be.”

I blew out a sigh of relief. Whatever they found we weren’t going to see it today. None of us were tempted to try to move the gator out of our path. We ended up sitting in the boat for the next couple of hours scouting the bottom of the lake for any other signs of the car and checking on the gator at random times to see if she had swum away. No such luck. We didn’t find anything and the gator seemed content to stay in her spot. On the plus side, we didn’t freeze to death, like in my dream.

As we were pulling the camera in the gator began to swim away.

“Jackpot,” Angel mumbled.

“What,” Tavian stopped reeling in the camera and shot a glance at Angel.

“She’s moving. We have our chance.”

“Not so fast,” Ginger’s voice quivered. “Look at that!” She pointed towards the tip of the boat. A huge Burmese Python glided over the water towards the gator.

Everyone stared in silence. The gator rose out of the water. The python attacked.

“Oh, my god! Oh my god!” Pepper shrieked as she watched the python sink its teeth into the alligator’s snout.

The gator turned with enough force it dislodged the snake. She chomped down on the middle of the snakes body and swung her head back and forth.

The python retaliated by winding her massive body around the gator and sinking her teeth into the side of the gators open mouth.

“Get the camera! Get the camera!” Angel growled.

Tavian whirled around and pulled up the camera as quick as he could.

“Hurry,” Kova cried. “They’re headed our way.

I watched as the two predators fought their way closer to the boat.

Ginger managed to unglue herself from her spot and started the engine.

“It’s up,” Tavian screamed.

“Sit down,” Ginger shouted. She revved the engine and we took off towards the shore.

When we reached the pier we gathered up the camera and hopped off the boat on shaking legs.

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