Karma of Kutuhala

Kutuhala is a Sanskrit term that translates as ‘that which excites wonder.’ Even if it doesn’t seem like it would leave us anywhere practical, following our bliss can allow for something beautiful and deeply fulfilling to unfold. We often pursue what is sensible and secure. Yet, what could be more appropriate (or divinely and delightfully inappropriate) than pursuing a path so intoxicating, so fascinating, so utterly mesmerizing to the spirit that, no matter what challenges arise, you feel so much love and commitment and passion you shall not turn away. That is the stuff of potential greatness!

Healing Process

Take a moment to connect consciously with your breath. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply, allowing the breath to naturally lengthen–and perhaps even allow for pauses on each side of the inhalation and exhalation. Place a hand on your heart and say the following aloud:

I call upon the heart wisdom of sacred passion and higher purpose. May I be graced with the discernment to recognize what is true, valuable, authentic and genuinely purposeful in my life. May I release all else with a sense of humor and a willingness to recognize that I have learned something useful. I allow myself to be inspired rather than frightened by the passion of my heart. I choose to learn from what I love and be led through what inspires and excites me. I trust the passion in my heart is the same passion the Universe has for me and that the inspired, excited, curious feelings are cosmic breadcrumbs leading me along my rightful path. May all beings be guided lovingly to fulfill their highest divine destiny.

Allow yourself to see, sense or feel a light within your heart. It is playful, excited and curious. When your mind or feet alight upon something relevant to your soul journey, your heart tingles with spiritual electricity, lighting you up from within, leaving you feeling as though anything is possible and there is an endless path of creativity, beauty-sacred and deeply healing and liberating-for you to explore and share. Tune into that feeling. Know it is safe to trust it.

White Light Oracle @alana_fairchild

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