Catching Up!:)

Lynn Thompson BooksI’m am a writer, author, mom, wife, and I work for a living. Wow. Some days I sit down and really think about what I accomplish in one day. It can be exhausting. I wake up between 5:00 and 5:30 every morning and work on my author business and writing before I leave for work. Of course, I attempt to get those dreaded chores and whatnot done also.  I’ve attempted to throw in exercise too, but that’s not working, so I go out for hikes on the weekend. The hikes clear my mind and keep me in shape.

Last year a group of friends and I planned out a three-day backpacking trip for this spring. Yes! A great way to unplug for a while. Spring flew by while we were waiting for decent weather. It didn’t come. Frigid at night, high wind gusts during the day.

Fine:) Early summer would work. This last weekend was going to be our backpacking trip. And… we are under an extreme heat wave for our area:( I’d already taken the days off and I really needed to unplug for a while, so we headed to the mountains instead, in hopes, it would be cooler up there. Yes, it was cooler, but not by much.

It was a nice retreat, though. I read a little bit, listened to the sounds of nature, watched the almost full moon come up, gazed at the stars, and did a late night 5-mile hike to the hot springs. (Way too hot to hike during the day. I drank about 2 gallons of water every day I was up there.)

Now I’m back and trying to get motivated to work again. And I’m catching up.

One of thing’s on my list is to catch some of the video’s I missed on the Self-Publishing Sucess Sumit. If you missed my last post here is the information on the speakers. These speakers have a lot of great information from writing your first book to marketing to making money on your website and are great to listen to.

Learn from 40+ World-Changing Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets ToWrite, Market, & Publish Your First Book — AND Use It To Get to 6 Figures

You can sign up here:)

Cheers! To everyone’s great weekend:)

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