You can’t go beyond limitations when you are still focused on them. Meditate by focusing on something that brings you joy such as having a massage, playing with your pets, spending time with your children or creating art. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. It is just a gentle shift in your attention away from the physical world and into a world of infinite possibilities. Meditation is a way of resetting your energy that brings you into a neutral space from where you can move forward. Your life experiences have led you here, allow them to be the catalyst that creates joy and freedom.

Healing Process

Meditation is a creative process. It is not something we need to learn. It is simply a connection back to who you are. It is called a practice because it takes time to master. I suggest you built up your meditation practice from 5 minutes to 24 minutes a day- 1 minute for every hour in the day.

Focus on something that feels relaxing. Close your eyes, breathe into your heart and unwind. Breathe in and take your awareness within, breathe out and surrender. Breathe in and adjust your light, breathe out and familiarize yourself with your light. Breathe in and navigate toward your sacred center, breathe out and create from this balanced space. Breathe in and receive love, breathe out and give love. To build up to 24 minutes repeat to yourself “Breathe in and receive love, breathe out and give love.” When you feel ready, open your eyes.

The Secret Language of Light~ Denise Jarvie


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