Beatitude of Sacred Rapture

Commit to your spiritual path and know you are making progress, even if things seem more difficult for a time. Know that any such difficulty is part of your healing and that you will successfully move through it. Trust yourself.

Healing Process

Become present and connect with your heart in a restful, respectful manner. You may do this by lightly

resting your hand over your heart and feeling for it’s presence beneath your hand – not only as a marvelous physical organ, but also as a spiritual temple of love. As you exhale, your awareness can drop from your head to your heart. As you inhale, your awareness can retreat a little more from the appearances of the outer world and feel pulled, lovingly and gently, toward the inner magnetic field of the heart.

Within your heart you can see, feel and become aware of a beautiful eye. It is an eye of light, an eye of protection, an eye of wisdom and non-judgment, of clear vision and spiritual sight. This is not a clinical eye, which assesses. It is a compassionate eye, which sees the luminous reality of the soul and the sacred destiny of all beings.

The trappings of opinion and preconceived ideas are like the nets of fishermen. The ocean of love within the heart glides right through them. In the heart there is wisdom and love. There is healing. There is truth and courage. The same love wisdom in the hearts of all beings. You can imagine it gently stirring, awakening, bringing peace, making the connection between all beings more conscious. We are not alone. We matter to each other at a deep spiritual level. Let yourself rest beneath the appearances of conflict and separation and pain. Partake of the sacred heart tonic of all embracing, all encompassing love.

When you are ready to complete your healing, slowly emerge by focusing on the sensations of the air or clothing upon your skin. Then ground and hydrate yourself.

White Light Oracle @Alana_Fairchild