Writers World- Sam’s Story #SneakPeek #YA Chapter Seven Tea Trouble

Samantha Sungold-Tarnished Gold by Lynn Thompson

Samantha Sungold-Tarnished Gold by Lynn ThompsonThe year 2003 came up empty. Apparently car explosions were few and far between. With a sigh of disappointment, I moved on to 2004 and started over again. I closed my eyes for a second to relieve the strain from computer text stress. When I opened them again the clock on the computer grabbed my attention and I realized I should have closed the shop almost an hour before. Standing up, I stretched, then headed for the front door to lock up. After turning off the lights, I meandered back to the computer, erased the history, and shut it down. There wasn’t anything to be found on the web. The next step would be the archives at the library, but it had to wait for a different day. A small wave of disappointment washed over me. I shook it off. I’ve waited this long to figure out what happened to my parents, a little more time wouldn’t make a huge amount of difference.

I grabbed my homework and jogged up to my room. If I rushed through it I’d still have time to do a little shopping.

Satisfied I’d get an A on my math assignment I slammed the book closed, quickly brushed my hair, and headed out for a new dress. I couldn’t wait to meet up with Trey and the gang again, but knew it wasn’t possible until the middle of the week. I wanted to look my best. A grin plastered itself on my face. Who would have thought I’d want to go shopping to impress a guy?

The grin didn’t leave my face until I entered the coffee shop for a Chai tea. Derek stood in the far corner of the cafe. My mood shifted drastically. I ducked my head and prayed he wouldn’t notice me. I wasn’t sure if I should trust Derek, but I knew I should give him the benefit of the doubt. I sighed. After the first and last time, we went out I really didn’t want anything else to do with him. I debated on forgoing the tea but didn’t want to. Sleepiness was trying to drag me under from being on the computer all day, and I really needed the jump start if I was going hit the clothing stores.

The line moved forward. I took a quick glance at Derek. He still hadn’t noticed me. His head turned. He started searching the crowd. I side-stepped beside a taller gentleman standing ahead of me and briefly wondered who Derek was waiting for. It was none of my business, but a the same time I wanted his friend to show up so they would leave, or he would be distracted enough that he wouldn’t notice me.

Derek’s gazed centered back on his cup. I heaved a sigh of relief, only two customers in line ahead of me, and I was out of here. So far so good. I blew out a deep breath I didn’t realize I held and placed my order. I hid by the receiving bar to wait for my tea and glanced out of the big glass window. Excitement stirred through my body and I grinned. A brand new dress, maybe even two, and I was going to wear them for Trey.

The server shouted out my name, I reached over, grabbed my drink, turned around to walk out the door, and ran straight into Derek’s arms. His hands reached down and wrapped around my waist. I glanced up, noticed the big smirk on Derek’s face and Trey standing outside the window glaring at us. An older couple walked by, pulling Trey from the window, with them. I quickly stepped out of Derek’s embrace and gave him the evil eye, but it was too late Trey had already disappeared into the night.

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