How To Make A WordPress Website

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I’ve been cleaning up and purging lately and really wanted to get my website and blog integrated. I scoured the internet and found NYCTechclub. Their post How To Make A WordPress Website -blog, How To Make A WordPress Website – video, has a lot of great information. Whether you need to integrate your website/ blog, or you want to add a website to your blog, or a blog to your website. This site gives the step by step tutorial you need to have a professional website without paying the huge price (about $2,500.00) other people will charge to build it for you. The directions are simple and straightforward. If you use this site make sure to favor it in your tool bar. I’ve had to go back to it a few times when adding pages etc.

When I first started the process of merging my website and blog together the file moving became tricky. NYCTechclub starts at the very beginning using HostGator. I already had a website through Godaddy. And I initially didn’t get some of the folders I needed moved, moved. Because of that I ended up having to call Godaddy to help me move the folders I missed to the appropriate location. I love Godaddy. They have the best customer service ever! I should know I’ve screwed up my own stuff enough that I’ve been on the phone with them several times. I like to pretend I’m a technical kind of person:)

From there I redesigned my website. It took a few hours, over a couple of evenings, because- distractions abound. But now my website looks great! Like I said I favored the link How To Make A WordPress Website. This way if I decide at any time that I would like to redesign my website again I can.

A big Thanks to NYCTechclub for their step by step, so easy to read instructions!

Happy Blogging!

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