Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel-Meet the Characters-Rita

Blake Canvass3 smPicking at her shirt: “Well there’s not much to tell. I rescue animals that have been abused, mainly dogs. And I like to hit the casino’s sometimes.”

Nervous laughter: “Not very often, mind you. But a girls gotta have fun every once in a while.”

Serious: “Montana? Well I don’t see her much. She’s got her own things going-and is kind of a loner. She prefers it that way.”

Smiling: “Now Zoe, I talk to her quite often. And I visit my granddaughter at least four times a year.”

Sighing: “How I wish Montana would settle down and give me some grand children. But I don’t hold out much hope for that.”

“More about me? Well like I said theres not much to tell. I mean, it’s all about routine. I wake up, sit on my deck with a cup of coffee, take care of the animals…”

Laughter: “And hunt down parents,┬áso I can place my rescues in good homes.”