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I’ve been reading more and more posts lately on Amazon changing their algorithms and KU being the newest “best” place to have your books. FaceBook is making changes to their algorithms also, Barnes & Nobel isn’t doing too well and so on.

The market is changing and so have I, but I’m not changing with the market at this time. I don’t like keeping all of my eggs in one basket and if I enroll in KU then I have to remove my books from Smashwords and B&N. I played around with that last year and removed some of my books from the other marketplaces so I could put them in KU. Yeah, that didn’t work out so great.

I made a decision, took my books out of KDP Select and re-published them on Smashwords and B&N. (I may still play with KDP Select with New Releases, but I’m not sure yet.)

I even took an extra step and opened a business account through PayPal. After I set up my account I started adding PayPal buttons to my website for my books. Making the buttons is so easy it’s insane! So is setting up an account.

  1. Create a PayPal business account.
  2. Click on the business link
  3. Enter the description and price for your button
  4. Hit create button
  5. Copy and paste button to your website

I looked into some WordPress plugins for PayPal but decided against getting those. Like I said, making buttons in PayPal is so easy it’s insane!

The thing is… These are my books. My books to sell how I would like to sell them, not on other peoples terms. I’m tired of playing the, we’re going to change things up again game. I have better things to do with my time right now other than worry about Amazon or what other sites are doing. Besides keeping up with all that tends to be exhausting and it’s not worth the constant scrambling around. At least it isn’t for me.

Here’s a sample of my Blake page with the PayPal buy links. I have all of my pages set up, but Sterling. I’m not offering PDF’s right now due to the fact that they are harder to read as downloads on smaller screens, but I do have epub and mobi formats up for grabs.


If Montana had known what she would be confronting that night, she never would have sedated Max.Blake by Lynn Thompson

Lottery winner and venture capitalist Montana Dayton is on vacation, sorely needing a break from her business. She purposely had a house built deep in the mountains, away from civilization in hopes to spend the winter alone with her dog Killer. Unfortunately, the universe is conspiring against her. Montana’s getting creepy feelings from something or someone on her property and Rose, her neighbor, is bringing new “friends” into her life.

If that wasn’t enough to ruin Montana’s vacation, the dangerously attractive Max surely would! Max has the uncanny ability to show up when he’s not wanted. What Montana doesn’t realize is Max knows what’s out in the woods and it’s his job to find it.

Max knows Montana can sense it even though she cannot see it and has decided that she needs to be protected from the unseen danger, but who will protect Montana from Max?

3.99 via PayPal Kindle Format

3.99 via PayPal Epub Format


Blake 3.99

Dark Fates amazon B&N  Smashwords

12.95 Print



Lynn Thompson’s Book, Blake is spot on with her dialog and descriptions. She really makes you feel as though you are part of the action. Endings often conclude as you expected but not so with Ms. Thompson’s book, Blake. You want to keep reading until you come to the exciting and unexpected conclusion. — C. H.


The authors skilled use of words to describe the environment helps to create an atmosphere that makes you feel as though you’re in the book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it kept me involved until the end. I highly recommend this title and look forward to future works from the author. Concerned Mom


Montana Dayton is one tough lady – wealthy, attractive, tattooed and sporting a .357 revolver. When the story opens she is driving to her new home in the mountains, with her dog Killer.

In a moody and highly atmospheric couple of opening chapters we meet some of the other characters who live up in the mountains. There is Montana’s friend Rose. There is also Rose’s boyfriend Bear.

And then there is the handsome and mysterious Max.

“I’ve decided you need to be protected,” Max tells Montana. And sure enough, when she has a horse riding accident he unexpectedly comes to the rescue.But then he keeps intruding into her life. Is it just that he finds her desirable? Or is something more going on?

In any case, Montana has feelings for Max, too, and a relationship develops.

It all develops into an exciting story with many twists and an unexpected climax.

This is a lively, fast-moving novel, with well-drawn characters and a strong sense of atmosphere. I shall look forward to more books in this series. –Martin Roth

I really enjoyed reading this. What I particularly loved is the way the author so skilfully sets a pace and takes you with her. Avery clever plot, some twists and turns which is what make the book gather pace and keeps you reading. I really liked the characters and could feel with them, such is the use of descriptive and emotive language. Its a gripping plot that holds you! For me, what I really enjoyed is the way the author describes the environments and action the characters are in, its becoming unusual to find an author who takes the time to be seductive in the art of description. A must read for anyone that likes to be taken on a journey. Really looking forward to the next novel which is out in the new year.Watch this author…….I think we will see some great books come from her!— Sarria


This is a book with a wonderful, very intriguing plot and a very atmospheric writing style. I honestly didn’t see what was coming, and the characterisation was so strong that I quickly found myself caring for the characters. It’s been a while since I read something so gripping. Highly recommended — Crossy 1975


Lyn Thompson has created a storyline that is both riveting and gripping. Once I started reading Blake, I found it hard to put down. The suspense involved keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you wondering what is going to happen next. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy a book with suspense, mystery and a little bit of magic. I can’t wait for the next book. –K. T. King


Review this book-Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel Amazon Print Goodreads Barnes & Noble

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