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I love writing. And I’m a firm believer in improving my writing skills. Right now, The Universe is giving me maybe? we’ll see? more opportunities I can take on:)

(I’ll leave my horrible grammar for another post. Maybe I’ll be able to find a good class on that one the beginning of next year. And retain the how to’s of grammar!)

A dear friend of mine recently introduced me to Future Learn. An online school that offers free and paid classes. I signed up for their free Start Writing Fiction Course (about four weeks late) but have been able to cruise through those four weeks. I wanted to test myself on how much I know about writing fiction. And hopefully, learn new things. Week five has been my toughest week. Some of the teachings are ah, okay, some are wow I didn’t know this. (Of course it doesn’t help that my cold turned into a sinus infection and I’m still trying to catch up.) Almost there.

So far this course has covered creating characters, descriptions, notebooks, editing, research, showing vs telling, and different ways to create characters…

I would hold off on catching up on this course for a few days until I feel better, but I’m starting up another course through Shaw Academy soon. This one is on Digital Marketing. I’ve been going through Godaddy for years and they sent me a free credit for Shaw Academy. Might as well use it right?

This course includes social marketing, SEO, blogging, e-commerce, online affiliate marketing…

Now I really feel the universe is trying to tell me something because I received an email for another free course Revise Your Writing through Joan Dempsey. This is only a one week course and it starts in December. Thank Goodness.

This course goes over how to revise your draft and where to begin…

I’m I taking on too much? More than likely, though these courses only ask for about three hours of my time a week. That is once I’m caught up!

Happy Learning

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