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Indie Author Multigenre Giveaway Sign Up
This giveaway is hosted by Ariel Marie, paranormal romance author. This will be an Instafreebie giveaway! The giveaway will run from November 11-16, 2016. This giveaway will cost the participants NOTHING. All that will be asked of each author is to share this giveaway, once it begins, EVERYWHERE!! The point of this giveaway will be to gain exposure to a new audience, increase your newsletter signups and network with a great group of authors alike.

Sign up here https://goo.gl/forms/LkzfAR0EiYYbW1423

What will you need to participate?
– Have an amazing book with a eye catching cover.
– Instafreebie account with mailing list opt-in,
– One book that will be an active giveaway during the giveaway period.
– Giveaway must be set for unlimited downloadable copies for the period in time for giveaway.
– Advertise the giveaway in your current newsletter (if you already have one)
– Agree to share the giveaway everywhere to help optimize exposure to keep this a free activity.
– Email Ariel Marie the cover of the book that will be included to ariel@thearielmarie.com
I hope that we have an amazing group of participants! Please share with any author friends that will be interested in participating. This signup form will remain open until 10/19/16. That will give enough time for preparation and putting page together and making arrangements with Instafreebie to include it on their blog (and keep fingers crossed, their email blast. Can’t guarantee, but I’m going to try.) Once everything is put together, you will receive an email from me with the link to the page and promo pictures.


Indie Author Multi-Genre Giveaway Blog Signups
Hello Bloggers! Ariel Marie is sponsoring a multi author giveaway that she would love to have you help her share. She has a group of authors who are amazing and will be donating to the giveaway. Each author will be offering a FREE book through Instafreebie! If you are interested in helping promote the giveaway, please sign up below. Her signup sheet for authors is going to remain open until 10/19/16. Once the sign up sheet is closed then she will have a final list of all authors participating.


Blogs will receive a media kit for the promotion. This will be a fun event for the authors to gain new readers and we will need the help of bloggers like you!! The giveaway promotion will run from November 11-16, 2016.

*Here’s my invite link  https://www.instafreebie.com?invite_code=STIOMcgGT5 if you would like to sign up for Instafreebie*

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