11:11 Blessings

Every year on 11.11 the powerful 11:11 gateway opens up.

11:11 manifests dynamic, radical new beginnings in some area of your life.

It is a portal of Awakening, blessing you with instantaneous messages, answers and inspirations.

11:11 calls us to live only in the PRESENT.

This year 11.11.2021 adds up to 9 – number of unconditional love, release, culminations and endings.

9 and 11 create a dynamic shift of endings and new beginnings.

Essentially, this numerology code facilitates an Awakening that leads to inner Peace.

11:11 is a nudge from the universe to listen intently.

In numerology 1 symbolizes a fresh start, new momentum, action and beginnings.

Doubling up the 1 creates the “master number” 11 – a burst of light, fresh air and irresistible opportunities, plus tremendous intuitive abilities.

When the 11:11 portal appears, you can experience a sensation of momentary timelessness.

Stepping through any threshold shifts you to the core.

And so it is with 11:11.

You cross the threshold beyond time – into eternity.

Here is an interesting numerology fact:

November, the 11th month, is governed initially by Scorpio and later in the month by the sign of Sagittarius.

These two astrology signs begin with the letter – symbol of a winding path that changes, requiring flexibility and focus. Just like with number 11, the constant fluid motion of the “S” demands that you be ALERT.

And here is something really cool:

  • “S” also is the 19th letter of the Western alphabet.
  • 19 reduces to 10 and to the root number 1.
  • So, the first letters for Scorpio and Sagittarius, the two signs activated in the 11th month, create an 11 as well!

Anytime you see 11:11 you are invited to observe with acute awareness. It’s a wake-up call to embrace the unexpected.

All creative ideas are born in this unknown space – an infinite void of pure, pulsating potential.

Engage totally with that timelessness.

This is where you feel instant inspiration, abundance and joy.

Everyone has a unique way to generate a life of abundance and well-being for themselves.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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