Mercury in Retrograde~Not Yet~A Small Favor

It has been a crazy month. You would think Mercury is in Retrograde but not quite yet. That starts on the 19th of December. It feels like it has already started. Hopefully, I’ll have all of my big issues out of the way by then. In the meantime, I have been dealing with several issues that have taken me away from the computer, blogging, and my writing. Whew! Crazy and exciting. I have had several job interviews. Now I just need to pick a job.

California Times Publishing has recently taken down my video for Sterling, and I have yet to hear back from them on my paperback cover and video link. At this point, I’m not sure if I’m going to receive my items at all. Huge bummer:( I have tried to get in touch with them many times the last 7 months. Yes! Beware of publishing companies. They may not be worth it! Is it time to let it go? Or keep nagging on them? I can’t seem to make a decision on this subject. I’m prone to leaving it to when I think about them next.

On to my Shower. Holy cow! It started with a small leak, turned into a stream, and sometimes became a waterfall. This went on for three weeks with my sweet husband and I trying to fix it. We’d get it down to a small drip and the boom! Waterfall again. So we finally gave up and called a plumber. They came in, thought they fixed it, and not even 10 minutes later- well, the water exploded out of the faucet. I got a good laugh out of it, shut down the water to the whole house and called them again. So, they wouldn’t be able to come back in for 5 days. Their advice, find the back panel and turn off the water from there or get a new shower head with a turn-off valve on it and put that on until they can come back in. Hmm… I’d thought about finding the back panel to the shower pipes for a while so that would be my first step–and go ahead and laugh at this. Not funny at the time, but in hindsight, pretty hilarious.

My bedroom wall and shower piping are behind the garage. So I stepped into my garage, navigated my way to where I thought the piping might be and grabbed a screwdriver to start taking off the paneling… and the screws were so amazing tight I couldn’t budge them. Time to get the drill. Ha, ha, the batteries were dead. Back to using a screwdriver. As I’m patiently (ha,ha, curse, curse) removing the screws, with my finger crossed that I’m taking down the right paneling, a piece of random wood clocks me in the head almost knocking me out cold. Many deep breaths later, I can finally stand back up without getting dizzy. Almost there, then I can turn off the water to the shower and run the dishwasher without the shower leaking:) That’s what I thought, but no. There are no shut-off valves to the shower. There used to be but not anymore. So five more days of turning off the water to the whole house and turning it back on when needed. The shower is finally fixed with, drum roll, shut-off valves added. The pressure is no longer as good as I would like but no complaints. And I no longer have to have a bucket under my shower head to collect water.

Of course, there have been other things like changing banks. The bank I banked at most of my life, I really loved them, went downhill fast. Changing accounts has been a royal pain. But like I stated in my last post Out with the Old-In with the New.

It has been a crazy month, and I am ready for things to calm again.  Now on to my small favor.

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