Release Rigidity

Take an afternoon nap (especially if you have the idea that naps are lazy, languorous, or too luxurious for you to indulge in!) Find a sunny spot and curl up for 10-20 minutes, which is the ideal length of time for napping because it allows your body to deeply relax without your mind dropping into REM sleep.


Shame is the feeling you get when you behave in a way that’s antithetical to your ideals. We’ve all experienced big shames, necessary learning moments that allow us to fine-tune our moral compass. But when we allow our thinking to become overly rigid or self-righteous, we create a million corrosive small shames.

Think about when you last felt ashamed:

What ideal did you not quite live up to?

Looking back, was your shame attached to unnecessarily rigid thinking?

Is there a way to be kinder, by still being true, to yourself?

Herbiary @maiatoll

Shame is the dream killer, because shame (or the possibility of shame) amplifies our fear of fear, keeps us from contributing, and short circuits our willingness to explore. Seth Godin