There is much benefit and healing to be gained through an embrace of your life journey, including the deeper experience of the absolute freedom of your spirit.

Archon Barbelo is an Angel, Goddess, Divine Mother, and Sacred Space. She is mysterious and powerful. She is the inviolable purity and truth of your being: the spiritual essence within you that is eternal and cannot be tainted of distorted. Her presence in a reading is a sign that any errors in judgment shall be corrected and any losses shall be restored. If you have been off your path or become disconnected from your real self, she is the innate understanding and power within your heart that pulls you back into authentic connection and true direction.

Archon Barbelo teaches the soul the mastery of how we can be in a male or female body and yet have characteristics of both the masculine and feminine within us.

The feminine energies in every soul empower our ability to embrace what is and find compassion. This allows for mercy, forgiveness and wisdom. The masculine energies in ever soul encourage exploration, development and inquiry, stimulating us to question everything-which can lead to discernment and higher understanding-and keep us strong. This ensures that negativities are banished from our personal space before they can undermine our personal healing and spiritual progress.

Healing Process

Connect consciously to your breath as it flows in and out. Become fully present in this moment. When you are ready, rest your hands in prayer against your heart. Sense your feminine energies in your left hand and your masculine energies in your right hand. Feel them intermingling. They are different from each other, yet equally powerful and important.

With your hands lightly pressing together, expand your awareness to include your heart. Feel the contact of your hand against your chest. Your heart is the 3rd awareness, the sense of yourself as a pure loving spiritual being. Sacred Masculine, Sacred Feminine, Divine Spirit. Allowing yourself to recognize the sacred triune nature of your soul can bring healing bliss. When you are ready, relax your hands and say the following invocation aloud:

I call upon the luminous wisdom, grace and love of our Spiritual Mother and Spiritual Father, united in the light of Archon Barbelo. I accept the gift of this body, mind and soul. For the spiritual benefit of all beings, I ask for healing, protection and guidance. May all beings recognize their true spiritual nature and find happiness and freedom through their authentic spiritual journey.

Give your body some love! Self-hug. Rest, ground and hydrate.

White Light Oracle @Alana_Fairchild

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