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There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment. Whether that accomplishment is getting an A on your exam, finishing writing a book, or the feeling of becoming an expert in your field. I have been taking several classes on marketing lately and this latest one is on Social Media Marketing. I have been learning a lot of new information while also getting a refresher course on older information.  So far in my Social Media Marketing class through Shaw Academy, we have gone over Marketing 101, Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook. Facebook being my least favorite subject. Yes, I’ll admit Facebook and I don’t get along very well.

Do I feel that I’m becoming an expert in my field of study? Yes, I do! Would I be able to teach a class? Maybe, I’m not Sure.

The reason I’m taking these classes is because as a self-published author I need to also be a small business expert. And marketing is a big part of selling books. Now I do have one book published through California Times Publishing, but I’m still not sure how marketing comes into play with them, or the marketing I need to do with Sterling vs the marketing they are already doing with Sterling. Our communication skills could be oh, so, much better!

My goal right now is to be as high as I can be on Googles organic search engine and pay someone else to promote my books for me:) I do have all of the information I need to promote my books right now, but I’d rather be writing. Sam’s story is calling!

As far as this post, becoming an expert, goes I am active on Linkedin. I could probably put forth more effort on my author page, though:)

Increase your web presence: 89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life.

Lynn Thompson BooksPart 7: Become an Expert:

I recently found a post on 89+ book marketing ideas and so far have posted increase your web presence,  build your fan base, cultivating community, making extra moneybuilding your brand offline, and Book Readings to this series. Book marketing can take a lot of time and effort and I continually want to make sure I’m on the right path. With life, learning, and writing, I’m trying to manage my time better so I love it when I find loads of information on one post instead of finding a bit here and a piece there.

The post on the blog I found has a ton of information so I’m separating the book marketing ideas into eight different posts. Hopefully, once a week. Feel free to visit Author Media to read the whole post and get more great information. I’ve been using these lists and checking off what I already have and what I need to do.

As with anything else, I may not use all of this information and you may not either. But it is nice to have on hand.

Become an expert:

  1. Listen to the Novel Marketing Podcast.
  2. Become an HARO source
  3. Get active on LinkedIn
  4. Write Op-Ed pieces on the core message of your story
  5. Write freelance pieces on the core message of your story and pitch to niche publications
  6. Give lectures on the core message of your story
  7. Host webinars with other experts
  8. Create a series of web-videos interviewing experts on the core message of your story
  9. Make sure your author about me page is interesting and relevant
  10. Create a Meetup group

How many of these do you have? Can you add to the list of expertise?

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