Think Marco

Understanding how things influence each other is key to seeing the deeper patterns at work in the world. In your mind, as a sketch, or in a journal, find the threads that connect these seemingly separate things.

An acorn and a butterfly
The moon and a ship
Your head and your heart

Spider Medicine

Picture a spider sitting on her web, feeling the vibrations along various threads and seeing from the center how it all connects. Imagine all the parts of your life as a giant network, with every person, place, and thing connected. Think of yourself as a spider sitting in the center of her web. Imagine the threads stretching out from where you sit. Bring consciousness to your connectivity. Are there parts of your life that needed to be integrated into the whole? Now choose an action you’re considering or a decision you’re making. Feel out along your web. What or who will be affected by your choice?

However far back you go
you will find all experiences
linked by slender threads. ~Robert Hellenga, Philosophy Made Simple

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