Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.8:2

ec556-moonthumb“Let’s go shopping.” Jamie said after turning the closed sign once again. She’d reopened the store when Max left, but now it was officially closing time.

Sam smiled. “How do you know I won’t take off on you?”

“You’ve been doing inventory all day, nothings missing, and you can’t resist the thought of seeing Max again. Am I close?”

“Very,” a sigh, “he is very hot.”

Jamie laughed. “How old are you? Sixteen?”

“Fourteen, but I can pass as a seventeen year old.”

“You can, but at fourteen you really shouldn’t be putting yourself out there like that. Be a kid for a while and enjoy it. Don’t grow up too fast.”

“I already have. I’ve been on the streets for like forever now.” Sam replied as they climbed into Jamie’s white Mini Copper Convertible. “Nice car.”

“If you ever want to talk about it I’ll listen.”

She put the car in reverse and backed up into the shop parking lot, turned on the AC full blast, and drove toward the main drag where the cool clothing stores were.

Jamie wondered if she pushed Sam away with her comment when Sam quietly said “thank you.” If there’d been another car passing her at that moment she wouldn’t have even heard her.

They found a parking spot near the beach and set out on foot to the nearest store. Sam picked out the necessities she needed, plus a couple pairs of jeans and tee-shirts.

“Are you sure you can afford this?” She asked while they stood at the cashiers checking out.

“Yes.” Jamie grinned. She had been saving her money for years now and had some extra to spend.

“How about some dinner?” Jamie asked after they’d cruised around a few more stores.


“After dinner we’ll see if we can find you a few nice dresses.”


“This is fun.” Jamie said, stepping into a nice little Pizzeria.

After they gorged on Pizza they made one last stop at a dress shop. Sam came out of the dressing room showing off a cute, too short, yellow sun dress. She twirled. Jamie noticed the same blue mark on Sam’s leg she’d seen with the last two short dress.

“What is that Sam?” She asked curiously, pointing to her thigh.

Sam all but skipped over. “It’s my tattoo.” She sat down and lifted her skirt up. “I always forget I have it.”

On Sam’s upper thigh was a tattoo of a sapphire blue dragon with black woven into it.

The dragon had demon eyes, its nose had one whisker on each side, the head had intricate horns, and the body was shaped like a long S, similar to a serpent’s body. It had scales like a carp, and on the end of its body was a dragon’s tail which looked like a flame. The work was exceptional.

“When did you get this?” Fourteen was way too young to have a tattoo.

“I don’t know. I’ve had it like forever, but it’s pretty cool.” She got up. “Are we done? I’m getting tired.”

“I would like you to pick out one of the longer dresses you’ve tried on at least.”

She picked out three spaghetti strap long summer dresses, a sunshine yellow one, a black one, and the third matched her deep blue eyes perfectly. After purchasing them Jamie and Sam decided to call it a night and hiked back to the car with the bags in tow.

They drove back to Jamie’s in silence and unloaded the car. While Sam was hauling all of her bags up to her bedroom Jamie did a sweep through her store to make sure the burglar hadn’t been back.

As she was making sure her jewelry cases were intact the thought occurred to her that Sam could be here as a distraction, she hadn’t been spending enough time searching for the pendant.

She quickly wiped the thought from her mind. That was one of the reasons she hired Max, so she didn’t have to close her shop and search. She thought about letting Max in on her secret, but discarded it quickly. There wasn’t any evidence Sterling was back.

Letting out a sigh she headed upstairs to her bedroom. Nothing else had been stolen. This disturbed her because it meant the burglar was only after the pendant. She needed to put more effort into the search too. She’d been distracted by Sam. She would try scrying for it in the morning with her pendulum.

Unfortunately, the pendant needed to be out in the open for the scrying to work. She couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t thought about it first thing, she might have found it right away. But then it had always been in the safe, and she had never had to think about it, or worry about it until now.

“Jamie.” Sam peeked through the door, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Yes, come in.”

She strode to the bed and sat down next to Jamie.

“Have you ever seen things around people?”

“You mean like auras?”


“The color of other peoples energy fields.”

“Exactly what I mean.”

Jamie laughed. “No. I can be fairly intuitive, but I can’t see auras. Why do you ask?”

“Well I can see mine. It’s deep red,” Sam said quickly, “I don’t know what it means though. I can see other peoples too. I see a lot of other people with murky colors.”

Jamie smiled. Sam stopped talking; eyeballing her for a minute to make sure she wasn’t making fun of the conversation. When she was positive Jamie wasn’t she continued.

“I was sure I saw wolves running through Max’s aura today. His aura is a mix of deep and clear red. It was cool looking.”

“You have a special gift Sam. I have some books downstairs all about auras that you can read. Would you like them now?”

“I would love that!” She exclaimed hopping off the bed. “Oh, yours is green with emerald green. I wonder what it means.”