Start Writing Fiction #futurelearn

Lynn Thompson BooksMy first #backinschool class has come to an end. A friend of mine first introduced me to Future Learn. She had started taking Start Writing Fiction a few weeks before I signed up. She hasn’t become an author yet, but she is heading in that direction.

When she explained the free class to me my first thought was I’m already a fiction writer and author. Why would I need this class? I debated taking Start Writing Fiction for a while as I always seem to have so many other things on my plate. Curiosity got the better of me and I hopped over to the Future Learn website. The more I thought about it the more I figured I really didn’t have anything to lose. After all, authors are just works in progress right? 

I did have four weeks of work to catch up on. And I already had much of this information tucked away somewhere in my brain. But I have come out of this course with extra knowledge and I have had a chance to fine-tune my writing.

Some of the subjects covered in Start Writing Fiction:

WEEK 1: STARTING TO WRITE FICTION- Characters, Observation, Journals

WEEK 2: THE HABIT OF WRITING- Discover, Unique, Prepare

WEEK 3: WRITING IS EDITING- Drafting, Editing, Something New

WEEK 4: BUILDING YOUR STORY- Notebook Habit, Plot, Ideas

WEEK 5: CREATING CONVINCING CHARACTERS- Conflict, Characters, Exploring


WEEK 7: READING AS A WRITER- Reading, Practice, Feedback

WEEK 8: YOUR FINAL STORY- Reflect, Learn, Carry on Writing

Critiquing and reviewing other people’s stories was fun, plus I found that adding description and especially, editing that extra description, the stuff that really isn’t needed to be a great benefit.

All in all the course wasn’t that difficult or too time-consuming. I recommend it for any writer who is just starting out, writers who want more of a learning curve or, like me, any writer who may need a refresher course.