Magnetism Of Eros

The Magnetism of Eros is our souls fascination with that which appears different and calls to us at a deep level. This soul-deep attraction inspires us to remain open, be passionate and willing to engage with life, other people and new, vitalizing pathways and practices that inspire us. It keeps us moving on our authentic life path, living by the call of the heart. This oracle indicates that your heart is being called to a particular path or way in life. It may not make logical sense, but to honor the call of the heart is to honor the needs of the soul. The call of the heart can lead you into unknown and intriguing territory. It can feel liberating but also unsettling, as you let go of known worlds and reach for the unfamiliar. Following such a path will bring a fresh influx of energy and expand your understanding of yourself, your life path and your higher purpose. It is meant to be.

Healing Process

Take a moment to consciously connect with your breath and ground your awareness in the present moment. Place your hands over your heart. Can you connect with what it is to feel vulnerable? To have needs? This may easy or difficult for you to acknowledge. Whatever you experience is absolutely fine. To feel vulnerable, to need to be loved, heard, held, and seen, for example, is acceptable and essential to your human journey.

As you connect with your heart, imagine, feel, or intend that a beautiful white light is shining from afar. It loves you and is reaching out to reassure, comfort and protect you. If you can allow it to truly hold you. Relax into its embrace and imagine the light wrapping itself around you like a loving cloak. As you do this, you may sense you heart and mind letting go of a tension you didn’t realize you had been holding. You may sense that this white light is in your heart, reaching for you always from deep within.

Rest in this awareness for as long as feels best for you. You have completed your healing process.

White Light Oracle @Alana_Fairchild