Ivory Wish-Fulfilling Crow

…you need stabilization and protection against the fluctuations of the external world. No matter what is happening around you, there is a way through to the fulfillment of your potential.

The wish fulfilling tree is a spiritual symbol for the soul, the heart and the divine enlightened sages who guide and protect humanity. It represents a high level of consciousness, which is abundant and in harmony with the Universe and therefore blissful, free and generous. This oracle reminds you that as you align with spirit you are aligning with a powerful field of grace, which has protective and strengthening qualities. It is a spiritual tonic with effect in all dimensions and all realms of existence.

The message of the Ivory Wish-Fulfilling Crow is that one does not have to dominate or manipulate others to attain success.

Healing Process:

Rest and relax for a few moments, becoming present. Notice your breath flowing in and out. Allow your awareness to move within and let go of attachments to the outer world for a time.

Imagine as you relax and become softly focused on your breathing you enter into a luminous, in-between world of healing, grace and beauty. You see, sense or feel the loving presence of a divine tree of light. It is bustling with life. It is strong, ancient, protective and beautiful. It houses various divine creatures of light, including a wise, old ivory crow, sitting peacefully at that top of the divine tree. You feathered friend may watch you or caw at you. This realm is timeless, luminous and eternal. You understand that no matter what happens, it will always be there, just as beautiful and sacred as it is now. This knowledge makes you happy.

Then imagine that your soul is receiving an infusion of light from that eternal realm. You may feel a nourishing and euphoric oneness with this beautiful realm. Let yourself soak in that experience for as long as feels good.

White Light Oracle @Alana_Fairchild