Schools out for Winter:) #recap #shawacademy

Lynn Thompson BooksAs many of you know I recently went #backtoschool. Wow! Incredible! I learned a ton of necessary information in my Digital Marketing class at Shaw Academy.

Before I get into my digital marketing class let me take you through my month. I picked up a low-grade cold which turned into low-grade strep throat which turned into a severe sinus infection which settled into my ears. I ended up at the doctors office and she gave me some meds for my ears, but I’ve found that heat is working best.

My senior teen, who only ditched one day of school in his life, second grade elementary, decided that being a senior he wanted to know how it would feel to ditch school. Of course, he chose to do it when I was down with the sinus infection and trying to just make it through my classes. I won’t say how many days he ditched, but it was not just one day! The schools computer kicked all three of my email addresses out of their system so I didn’t know what going on those two weeks until I checked his power school. Hmm… His excuse-I was only ditching the classes I was getting A+’s in mom. Teenage hormones?:)

He lost his right to drive. Yes, now I have to drive my teen to work and back. And yes, it sucks! We’re going to revisit the driving situation next year. Taking away his right to drive was a bummer especially because he just got his drivers license and started paying his own insurance. And yes, he is still paying his insurance even though he is not driving right now.

I contacted all of his teachers, and the school to get my email back in their system. Then I got the dreaded truancy notice in the mail. Hmm… They wanted me to sign his rights away to the courts.

All of this while my head was pounding and stuffed to the max with mucus. Let’s not forget that I had to go to class.

I contacted the vice principal of his school and told her no. I bullet pointed everything I had done since I found out he was ditching and explained to her how disappointed I was that I didn’t even get a phone call from the school letting me know this was happening.

It only gets better. My husband got laid off from his job. Thank goodness they are keeping him on to work random areas of the store until the beginning of next year. So he’s been working on a week by week basis for a while now. 

Is it any wonder I’m having a hard time getting better? Did me going back to school have a domino effect? Hard to tell. But the grind of the last months classes was awesome and I’ll probably do it again.

My goal in 2016 is to have my books, website, blog, and everything else wrapped up tight! I’m in this for the long haul.

Now back to Digital Media Marketing. Shaw academy covered a lot of areas in one month. Affiliate marketing being the hardest. For anyone who has a website and a goal in mind I highly recommend a Digital Media Marketing Class.

Not only did we cover Affiliate marketing, but we also went through the ends and outs of Facebook, twitter, good vs bad marketing campaigns, how to campaign the right way, and email marketing.

For good measure, they also touched base on social tracking tools, A/B testing, web analytics, online reputation measurement, marketing strategy (how to work smart and save time), conversion, and E-Commerce.

The big pluses for me were blog content, SEO, Google marketing tools, email list management, email campaigns, keywords, and Google analytics. Added to that are a ton of resource links to have on hand. I’ve already set up Google marketing tools, SEO, and my keywords, so I’m golden there. Those were easy to set up and are invaluable. Blog content I’m working on and I hope to get into Google analytics this week!

As an author, I will probably need most if not all of the above at some point in time. It was a lot to learn in one month, and I probably won’t retain everything I learned. But I did take good notes and printed out the notes Shaw Academy gave us. As with everything, I will start with what my gut says I need to work on first and go from there.

As authors what would you find invaluable from this class?

Leave a comment below.