Divine Feminine

Process of the Week: Divine Feminine

Shine your inner light on your desires…

Look beyond the obvious and the superficial into the heart of the matter, peer deeper into the hidden, and explore the mysterious. Remember your vast potential and the unlimited possibilities available to you. It is time to trust your intuition, your voice, and your instincts. This may also be a time for stillness, for there are unseen forces at work orchestrating the whole universe to bring intense and beautiful experiences to your life. Allow yourself to receive all that you want. You are the mother of all that you create. Nurture yourself, and all that flows in and around you. There may be an impending marriage or birth around you either physically or symbolically. The divine feminine wants you to know that there is always enough to go around, abundance is everywhere. Embrace joy.

Say to yourself often: “I am willing to be open to my loving fullness. I am willing to create change!”

I’m not fully back up and running yet, but I’m getting closer all of the time! I’m now the proud owner of a e-commerce website Tigers Eye Healing offering Crystals, gems, jewelry, tarot cards, and more for stress and anxiety relief. Everything on my website is 10% off until January 1st. Soon my fiction books will be up under Victoria’s Essentials and I will be adding programs and meditations.
I am also now offering my Distant Reiki Services. Appointments can be scheduled with my Calendly link

I am happy to be partially back up and running!
Enjoy the processes. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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