SIROCCO, Storm over Land and Sea: by Inge H. Borg #Review

SiroccoEgyptologist, Naunet, and scientist Jonathan, and Bill get sent overseas to Cairo to remove black pitch from ancient gold tablets so they can translate them. While there Egypt gets thrown into upheaval over the presidential elections.

Dr. El-Masri, the Pharaoh and Egyptian antiquities director that asked them to come to Cairo has his own political problems to deal with and is soon whisking them away to Luxor, a high security site, to continue their work. The problem is that they have lost all internet connection and have no phone service to get in touch with their boss back in the states. They are out of the loop on what exactly is going on in Egypt, feel like they are being used, and wonder if they will be able to get back to the states safely.

When Edward, antique’s dealer, enters the picture Jonathan’s gut tells him the man is no good, but Naunet is enthralled with this guy and he cant convince her otherwise. He also cant hop onto the internet to get more information, proof, that Edward is not what he says he is.

Meanwhile Naunet has been invited on a short vacation with Edward. Happily she says yes, and from the moment she’s alone with Edward and his companion Karakurt, who she had no idea was joining them, she regrets leaving the Luxor behind.

This is a fast pace book, well written, well researched, and has enough going on to keep you on the edge of your seat. I like the fact that things continue to go wrong for the bad guys in this story.

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