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Viking Wedding CeremonyI’ll be honest with this one. I’m an introvert though I have been to one book reading I have not done any of my own. I don’t think it’s stage fright, I just have issues with boasting my books or anything else in front of a lot of people:)

Last summer I was invited to a Viking Wedding Ceremony. It took place in the mountains, the middle of nowhere. I’m talking an hour and thirty-minute drive into the mountains, dirt road boonying, turn on this smaller road, another rough road, avoiding rocks and trees, until dropping down into a valley. The drive alone was a blast and I’m still surprised I didn’t get lost. Boast-my little truck is a badass on those back roads!

After the wedding came the Mead. The goal, praise whomever you like, boast an accomplishment, drink, pass the Mead. There were only about ten of us. I passed on the Mead often, I can’t stand getting drunk, feeling drunk, or having a hangover. But the few times I did drink from the horn I had a hard time boasting, not because I didn’t have anything to say, I just couldn’t spit it out.  Like I said I’ve got issues:)


Increase your web presence: 89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life.

Lynn Thompson BooksPart 6: Find a Place To Give a Book Reading


I recently found a post on 89+ book marketing ideas and so far have posted increase your web presence,  build your fan base, cultivating community, making extra money, and building your brand offline to this series. Book marketing can take a lot of time and effort and I continually want to make sure I’m on the right path. With life, learning, and writing, I’m trying to manage my time better so I love it when I find loads of information on one post instead of finding a bit here and a piece there.

The post on the blog I found has a ton of information so I’m separating the book marketing ideas into eight different posts. Hopefully, once a week. Feel free to visit Author Media to read the whole post and get more great information. I’ve been using these lists and checking off what I already have and what I need to do.

As with anything else, I may not use all of this information and you may not either. But it is nice to have on hand.

Find a Place To Give a Book Reading:

  1. Your local coffee shop
  2. A hospital
  3. A retirement community
  4. A rehabilitation center
  5. A local church
  6. A locally owned bookstore
  7. The library (try the five closest to your house)
  8. The local community college
  9. A school
  10. Wherever the main setting of your book is
  11. Google+
  12. Videos you upload to Facebook
  13. Goodreads


– See more at: http://www.authormedia.com/89-book-marketing-ideas-that-will-change-your-life/#sthash.2RpieWOn.dpuf


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