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If your a reviewer and would like one or more free books to review I am now looking for honest reviewers to read and place reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords.

I can be contacted at Please include reviewer information, e.g., blog, reviews that have been posted (amazon page) etc… so I know your not an alien placing a review in outer space. Thank You!

Blake Canvass3 sm Blake- A Montana Dayton Novel

Genre: Action, suspense, adventure

Book Blurb: If Montana had known what she would be confronting that night,
she never would have sedated Max.

Lottery winner and venture capitalist Montana Dayton is on vacation, sorely needing a break from her business.
She purposely had a house built deep in the mountains, away from civilization in hopes to spend the winter
alone with her dog, Killer. Unfortunately the universe is conspiring against her. Montana’s getting creepy
feelings from something or someone on her property and Rose, her neighbor, is bringing new “friends” into her life.

If that wasn’t enough to ruin Montana’s vacation, the dangerously attractive Max surely would! Max has the
uncanny ability to show up when he’s not wanted. What Montana doesn’t realize is Max knows what’s out in the
woods and it’s his job to find it.

Max knows Montana can sense it, even though she cannot see it and has decided that she needs to
be protected from the unseen danger, but who will protect Montana from Max?


ec556-moonthumb Sterling- A Montana Dayton Novel

Genre: Action, suspense, adventure, paranormal, thriller

Book Blurb: When Montana wakes up every morning wearing gorgeous jewels,
and surrounded by priceless gems she doesn’t know where to turn. She doesn’t remember
where, or who she’s getting the glittery baubles from.

To make matters worse, Max has found her and insists they continue their relationship where they left off.

Montana has bigger concerns than dating Max, besides she’s not sure whether or not she can trust him.

Where are the jewels coming from? And who is this guy threatening her family?


44564-darkfatesamazon Dark Fates

Genre: Horror Occult ghosts

Book Blurb: Just in time for nightfall, fun, but still on the dark side.
Dark Fates short stories:

Wrong Number

Valerie’s insomnia is getting worse. Every time she closes her eyes darkness surrounds her and something scary lurks
in its wake. If she doesn’t get sleep soon she’ll go crazy, but can she face her dream filled fears?

Dwarfs Eve

Amber, Derrick, Lydia and Josh visit the cemetery on Halloween night under the full moon. Ambers gut instinct tells
her not to go, but she never could say no to Derrick…

Tavern Cat

The local tavern was Ranald’s second home, until one night he didn’t show. The bartender gets worried about him.
After visiting the sick old man at his home the bartended is convinced that once the Scot is better he will be back
to warm his favorite barstool…

Ghostly Wanderings

Bar fights, ghosts, and Summer… Harry doesn’t realize this will be his last night alive. If he’d only changed his ways
before the beginning of the evening things might have been different, but Harry was out to have some fun…

The Devil in Disguise

Pete puffed out his chest to try and show some enthusiasm. The last time and only time he fought he almost killed the
guy because of his size. But this man was entrancing his woman, along with all of the others and the women either didn’t
seem to notice or didn’t care…

Te Amo

Victoria’s restaurant is booming and all it took was a couple of spells; unfortunately the church down the hill is not
happy with her or her methods of successes. Victoria is surprised and not prepared at how far they will go to close her
down and run her out of town.

Shadow Man

Killian had heard the rumors about this place being haunted, but was hard pressed to believe them. At least not until this
night, working graveyard shift…


Belle is on a mission to keep bad karma in its place. Katrina wants to play and Lori’s stuck in the middle without
realizing it. Can Lori fix her karma before Belle has to fix it for her?


c281b-newsworthy_html_m3a8e49d2 News Worthy

Genre: Fiction Drama

Book Blurb: Surrounded by the news lately? Have you seen many strange news clips on the same day?
I couldn’t help but put those daily clips together into five short stories. Enjoy!

The Snake in the Cereal

Lindsey just wanted a divorce from her abusive ex, but Jason wasn’t about to give her what she wanted. Pushed over
the edge she decides to take matters into her own hands. How far will Lindsey go before she gets what she wants?

The Fire in the Mountains

Martha and Carl don’t have the best relationship, but Carl does love his wife. It’s too bad Martha loves her food more
than anything else in life. She loves to cook and eat so much that she ignores all of the warning signs telling her she
is in danger, including Carl.

The Man with the Bugs

Jerry’s been waiting for his trail for what seems like forever now. He knows he shouldn’t be incarcerated, but the damn
phone company handed his records over to the police leaving him sitting in his 6 by 8 foot cell….

Cannabis Cannibalism -vs- The West Nile Virus

It’s crunch time. The Democrats verses the Republicans. Both parties are almost ready to give their speeches to the
American voters and both parties want to make it into the White House, but Mother Nature has another plan in store for

Bats, Cats, and Wildlife

All Zetha has is her cats, at least that’s what she would like to believe. When her kittens disappear, the events that
follow turn her whole existence upside down forcing her to realize what is most important in her life.

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