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Cheerleaders in Heat by Muffy Wilson and Chrissy Laurence

Every Story has Players…….Meet “The Girls”

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A Near Physical Experience!

Wow! I knew I was in for an exciting read when I saw the dedication –

“This book is dedicated to the free spirit that resides in all of us with a desire to live our lives as we want…”

Cherie and the other Miami Rattlers cheerleaders are beautiful, but lonely. Cherie decides to take matters into her own hands and look for love on the internet. Her search takes her—and us—on a wild ride of drugs, sex, and ultimately love. The characters are unforgettable, the plot is lively, and the sex is scorching hot. Reading this book is a near-physical experience. Well done!



Meet “The Girls”

Cherie Redd:

Cherie was every bit the beauty her picture presented. At 5’11” in jeweled heels her legs were long, slender, athletic and oh so shapely, her curves were the first thing Juan noticed about her after he saw her red curls falling caressingly over her alabaster shoulders. Those lovely exposed shoulders, presenting a long elegant slender neck, glistened faintly with a glitter-like iridescence where he imaged the mild heat of the day lay in slight perspiration, the very same place he imagined his lips. He saw the wild pulse in her neck as it beat out a come-hither invitation. She leaned into his proffered kiss and he looked into the curved rise of her milky breasts held in tight restraint by the bodice of her green cotton pique dress. His cock reacted quite naturally, although it was unnoticeable to either Cherie or others. Cherie sat with the grace only beautiful women possess, leaving a small ethereal cloud of her fragrance in her wake. She crossed her legs and Juan noted the muscled thigh, tight knee which blossomed into an artful calf and ended in an angular ankle held lovingly in a jeweled heeled sandal. Her toes were painted scarlet as were her fingers and full tempting lips. She was a goddess.


Cherie’s best friend, Daniela Divine:

The exquisite Daniela, wearing skort that barely covered her shapely ass and a tight, strapless stretch-top that outlined the swell of her tiny pert breasts—her nipples already showing excitement—was Cherie’s best friend and co-cheerleader. She was carrying a bouquet of daisies, and her expensively highlighted brunette hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. Cherie thought her friend had never looked so deliciously titillating, her own nipples immediately ripening. Daniela was tiny, strong, blue-eyed, fair-complected with a slight scattering of freckles, compact and in great shape as a personal trainer/cheerleader…and she loved pussy. Cock too, but pussy was her forte. And Cherie was in her sites.


Sandy Slocum and “Ready” Randi Readlofer, Cherie’s Internet “friends”:

They were Amazons! Each was over six-feet tall, with giant boobs and curves all where they were supposed to be and then some.


Sandy was a blonde, skin the soft shade of shimmering opalescent pearls, with curly waving hair cascading down her back and seductively framing her face in luscious tiers. She had the sea in her eyes, as steely blue as the Pacific Ocean with just as much mystery. Her cheekbones, high, elegant with a natural pale blush of pink, complimented quite naturally her lips with a brooding pout glimmering with gloss and looking already suggestively wet. She had a little girl voice which rose as she spoke and her brows, neatly arched to her temples rose as well, almost to accentuate the pulse visible in her temple and her little girl excitement. But, she was far from a little girl…


Randy, the incredibly sexy giant black magnificence, had a long, soft and loose Afro. Her almond-shaped eyes were the creamy soft color of honey with flecks of gold and chocolate and her large amethyst lips, with a hint of lilac, looked as soft as feather pillows that parted showing ice white teeth as she spoke. Her face was round, invitingly warm and pleasant, with a broad ethnic nose that had a surprising angular bridge which gave her a royal appearance. She had a small double chin that softened her jaw line and lead to an abundance of blossoming bosom bulging out of her corset type bodice. Cherie was instantly charmed by her exotic looks and her alluring Southern drawl. Randi, not quite fully naked yet not quite fully clothed either, had on her pink 18 inch Mikimoto pearls which glowed against her black satin skin, platform sandal jeweled stiletto’s and lovely low-riding black lace bikini panties which peeked invitingly from under her mini-skirt. But, Randi has a secret that will ultimately put them all in grave danger…


Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

“Cheerleaders in Heat.”  Who wouldn’t be attracted to that title and cover? Luckily I was gifted this sizzling read in exchange for an honest review. There are many exciting and arousing sex scenes to be had in this read; well written and explicit. Sex, drugs, and football!! Not one to give out spoilers, I highly recommend for lovers of hot sexy women and their sex-ploits.

~ Love To Read

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