Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness: Process of the week

Lately I’ve been writing weekly processes on my Tigers Eye Healing Instagram account tigerseyehealing44. I Love these processes; especially in these trying times and most of them only take a few minutes, and are worth the time. Pandemic style processes is what it like to call them!

Sipping the Sunshine.

Stand facing the sun with your eyes closed, breathe in the sunshine, and taste it on your tongue!

I’m not fully back up and running yet, but I’m getting closer all of the time! I’m now the proud owner of a e-commerce website Tigers Eye Healing offering Crystals, gems, jewelry, tarot cards, and more for stress and anxiety relief. Everything on my website is 10% off until January 1st. Soon my fiction books will be up under Victoria’s Essentials and I will be adding programs and meditations.

I am also now offering my Distant Reiki Services. Appointments can be scheduled with my Calendly link

I am happy to be partially back up and running!

Enjoy the processes. Stay safe and stay healthy!

V. Lynn Thompson

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