Don’t let old stories determine what you think and feel. There is no hiding behind words. Feeling sorry for another or situation doesn’t help them or you. It takes you to a place where you can’t hear any solutions and feeds back what they already know. You came here to create reality, not accept it. You attract what you are-not what you think or what you say, but what you feel. Celebrate your sensitivity, without it you may not realize you have a choice. What do you want to bring into your life?

Sensitivity Is Your Superpower


Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Don’t try to regulate it. Just be aware of it. Follow it with your attention as it move in and out of your body. Imagine your breath carries your inner glow within and around your body. Notice how this feels-is it cold, warm, or tingly? Allow thoughts to float by in your mind and be open to sensing vibrations. When you feel ready, imagine your inner glow surrounding you with the golden light of truth that will always support and love you. Breath your new-found knowledge into your life. Then open your eyes and feel how good it is to be you.

Journal Work

Write down 3 beliefs that help you create your dreams and 3 beliefs that hinder your dreams. Focus on the one that makes your heart sing.

The Secret Language of Light Denise Jarvie


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