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Chef Salad:

Red Sail Lettuce, Tomato, Purple Carrots, Pepperoni, Ham, Feta or Goat cheese, Hard Boiled eggs with Olive Oil Dressing.


Fried Okra with Bacon:

Fry bacon until crisp

Dump all but a little bit of bacon grease

Add Okra and saute on low heat until thoroughly cooked

Cut bacon into bits-add to Okra

Organic Okra is best, but I used frozen Okra


Beet Salad– A friend of mine makes this every once in a while. Great way to get extra iron:)

3 or 4 beets skinned and sliced into cubes

2 medium size purple carrots (optional)

2 cloves garlic- or to taste (vampires probably hate me:))

2 tbs Olive oil mayo

Biol carrots and beets until tender, drain and let cool.

Add chopped cloves and olive oil mayo.


*This is good warm but I prefer it chilled.

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