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6916388Lauren Algeo (1985 – ) was born in England and currently lives in Kent. She graduated from Greenwich University in 2007 with a First-class honours degree in Graphic Design. She works full time in west London as a Graphic Designer for design agency Whippet.

She published the first part of the Hikers trilogy in January 2013, followed by the second part in December 2013. The third book will be available in 2014.

Her second, standalone novel, The Perfect Date, was published in June 2013. She also has several short horror stories online.

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genre Fiction

After a mass shooting in Waterloo station, Scott Brewer, a former Detective Inspector, returns to London to investigate. It becomes apparent that this was the work of hikers, a family of hired assassins with the power of mind control. Brewer now hunts them after his own near-fatal encounter with one and is joined on his mission by Georgie Duncan, a moody teenager with a turbulent past. Can they learn to work together and find a method to kill the seemingly invincible hikers?

In the wake of the tragedy at the Grand’s house, Scott Brewer travels to America to team up with Mitch Baines, aka Striker25. Starting in Philadelphia, they begin to hunt the surviving hikers and along the way they meet Ellen MacIntosh, a woman with a deep desire for revenge on one particular hiker. Together they journey across the states, encountering death, pain, love, and the most terrifying possibility of them all – is the Grand somehow back from the dead?

Tired of being single at thirty, journalist Kate Anderson is persuaded to join a dating site by her three best friends. After some disastrous dates she’s contacted by Damien, a man who seems too good to be true. Before she can find out if he is, her whole life is turned upside down and she’s thrown into a world where no one is who they should be. Can she keep her head without losing her heart?