Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel-Meet the Characters-Alexis & Trina

Blake Canvass3 smAlexis smiling: “Actually Bear, Tree, Montana, and Chase have all been great.”

Trina: “Yeah, we had car problems and both Bear and Tree helped.”

Alexis shrugging: “We were on a sabbatical and, you know, Murphy’s law.”

Trina giggling: “Major snow storms, didn’t get much camping or hot springing done.”

Alexis: “Hot springing, that’s a good one!” Laughter, ” But seriously. Thank goodness we found Montana’s cabin! We may have ended up frozen stiffs.”

Trina laughing: “Yeah, that was pretty scary.”

Alexis: “See there was this creepy thing.”

Trina: “In a cave.”

Alexis: “We ran for our lives, found Montana’s cabin, and she was nice enough to let us stay with her and Chase for a few days…”

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