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It has finally happened! I waded through the insanity of setting up Mom in a home and now I am free to work more on Sam’s story-Tarnished Gold. I am now on chapter 23 with my editing and rewriting. And I am ecstatic!:) About 10 more chapters to go and I’ll be looking for Betta readers. I’ll only be searching for a few serious Betta readers so if anyone is interested please email me at contact@lynnthompsonbooks.com.

*Don’t contact me if you only want a free book. I need readers who are willing to read Tarnished Gold within a week and give me feedback!! Blog link and credentials are preferred.*



I couldn’t believe it! The secret room! A breath of air gushed out from between my lips.

Tarnished Gold by Lynn Thompson
Cover reveal coming soon


Jamie’s closet door stood wide open. Her clothes lay askew on the floor along with the hangers. The door to her secret room stood partially open, showing a hint of darkness between the crack of the wall and the frame.

No wonder I could never find it. I’d never thought to dig in her closet.

Why is the door open? Is someone down there? Should I venture into the dark corridor and find out what’s going on?

I gazed around Jamie’s room searching for a flashlight while my conscious fought over right vs. wrong. Should I go through her stuff? I really needed a flashlight. Darkness seeped out of the closet.

My steps led me to Jamie’s dresser. I would search her drawers for a flashlight. I stopped. I couldn’t do it; her belongings were private.

I eyed the door to the secret passageway. I may not be able to get myself to go through Jamie’s clothes, but I couldn’t resist the closet. Here goes nothing, I thought as I walked into the black void.

I followed the walkway with my hand against the wall until my eyes adjusted to the light up ahead. Every few feet a dim bulb glowed against the dark, illuminating the tight enclosure.

Wow! I was actually in a secret passageway. I still couldn’t believe it.

A clanking noise rose in the distance, so I slowed my pace. I tiptoed down the stairs and froze one step shy of the secret room.

My gaze tripped unbelievably over the treasure from Sterling’s ship to the bones lying on the floor.

Drake knelt beside one of the skeleton’s, busy pulling out a gold tooth from one of the skull’s jaws. A bag sat next to him, full of gold and silver coins, jewelry that sparkled luminescent colors spilled from the top open flap. A small chest sat beside the bag.

My temper rose as I watched Drake yank out the tooth. I always knew something wasn’t quite right with him. Now I knew why?

I raised my fists and screamed. The air exploded around me. Skeletons floated up, attached themselves to their skinless bodies and came to life. The now toothless corpse lurched towards Drake, grabbed his hand, and ripped his gold tooth out of Drakes’ fingers, breaking them in the process. It shoved its tooth back into its jawbone and pushed Drake aside.

I stood still, watching. My heart galloped in my chest. Shock wound its cocoon around my body. Inside I was freaking out, outside I was numb. Did I do that? With a screeching whine, one skeleton broke off from the others, zeroed in on me, and starting rattling towards the stairs.

I turned tail and ran…



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~Pricing List 2017~

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