#Review Deadly Love (Chinatown Haunting Paranormal Thriller Series Book 1) by Wesley Robert Lowe

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After a tug of war between Jasmine’s father and an unknown entity Jasmine is back on the earthly plane trying to locate her daughter Mei-Mei.

Jasmine Huang is no longer living, and neither is her daughter. But she can’t move on and be happy until she has her daughter by her side. Worried sick she searches everywhere she thinks her daughter may be hiding. In her search she runs into her ex, a very old ghost, and a street smart drug addict girl that can see her. Jasmine is sorely tempted to save the girl from herself, but the girl has a different agenda.

Deadly Love delves into even more possibilities on the kinds of events that may happen in the afterlife, throwing a different perspective on the unseen.

Great read and well written, but I would have liked to have more history on Jasmines last remaining days alive.


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