Soul Family

to Shamballa to share responses and information. They are overjoyed to connect and co-create with you. Your questions and experiences on Earth, move you and them to an expanded awareness about love, life, and purpose. Whatever form the members of your soul take, you will recognize them– because they are a part of you. We know it in our hearts when we encounter a member of our soul family, even if we can’t explain it. We often refer to this as a meeting of a soul mate. Remember, a soul mate can come in many guises– a lover, a friend, a parent, a child or an animal– and turn up when you need to remember the love that you are.



Focus on the card to open a portal to wisdom, love, and truth. Sit quietly, close your eyes and breathe. Imagine your breath is a beacon of light, guiding you to Shamballa, a point of light as bright as a star. Float towards it and enter the light of Shamballa and your soul star- it feels so familiar. Your soul family gently moves around you, and the mist of all illusion parts from your eyes. Marvel at the wondrous creative journey of love that you came here to experience. You have pulled the curtain beyond what you think is real. You are merging all worlds, building a bridge between your soul, the stars, and the earth. Realize your truth as you expand into the soul that you are. Stay here for at least a minute. When you are ready, follow your breath back to your starry self. Open your eyes and smile-you are a star.

The Secret Language of Light Denise Jarvie


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