Changing it Up!

You don’t see this every day. I’m tempted to make an appointment just to see if it’s true!








My blog is changing! My life is changing!

The dynamics of my “day job” continue to change. And it’s not for the better. I’ve finally picked up a publisher. Yay! And now it is time to seek out new opportunities in the writing field. I’ve been scoping out freelancing out lately. My goal-to be able to write from home.

This has become more and more difficult because I’m working up to thirteen days straight at my “day job” just so I can pay the bills. On my days off I end up “catching up” on everything else. And I’ve been working morning and nights on my writing. I don’t even know the meaning of “going out for fun” anymore! I need a better way. What the saying? You need to put yourself out there to improve! I’ve been slowly doing that. I’m just not that fond of stepping out of my comfort zone. The universe is calling. It’s time:)

I have been reading Never Work Again: Work Less, Earn More and Live Your Freedom by by Erlend Bakke and he makes some really great points. One of them is about what is consuming the most of your time and how to manage time better. It’s my time to purge a few un-needed items out of my life. My blog and other things consume a lot of my time. So starting November 1st. my posts are going to be changed up. (I’m working on the rest right now.)

My post will most likely be more sporadic in the future. But If everything works well I’ll be stepping into a new career field next year:)

Happy Blogging!