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Dark Fates by Lynn ThompsonVictoria, from the story Te Amo in my book, Dark Fates, comes to mind as I’ve been posting about book marketing. She owns a restaurant and through a few simple spells is able to make her restaurant boom. Wouldn’t it be nice to spell your books into sales? Anyone know of any?

Not everyone in Te Amo is enthusiastic about having a witch in their town but Victoria is determined to make her livelihood, her restaurant work.

Being an author is like owning a small business if the author is determined to make writing their livelihood.

To become a success in what you’re passionate about. (Unless you have a few simple spells or a lot of money to pay other people to do the research, promoting, marketing, blog posting, etc. for you, and let’s not forget editing, book covers, etc.) everything I’ve posted on should be researched up to a point. You can’t figure out your niche, what promotions you’re good at until you know what’s out there:)

Book marketing can take a lot of time and effort and I continually want to make sure I’m on the right path. With life, learning, and writing, I’m trying to manage my time better so I love it when I find loads of information on one post instead of finding a bit here and a piece there.

This is the last post for Increase your web presence: 89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life.  So far have posted increase your web presence,  build your fan base, cultivating community, making extra moneybuilding your brand offline, and becoming an expert to this series.

As with anything else, I may not use all of this information and you may not either. But it is nice to have on hand.


Lynn Thompson BooksPart 8: Discover where to donate your book:


The post on the blog I found has a ton of information so I’m separating the book marketing ideas into eight different posts. Hopefully, once a week. Feel free to visit Author Media to read the whole post and get more great information. I’ve been using these lists and checking off what I already have and what I need to do.

As with anything else, I may not use all of this information and you may not either. But it is nice to have on hand.

Discover where to donate your book (and make new fans):

  1. Women’s shelters
  2. VA hospitals
  3. Homeless shelters
  4. Children’s hospitals
  5. Retirement homes
  6. The five closest libraries to your house
  7. The library in your hometown
  8. Summer camp
  9. Community libraries at coffee shops
  10. The local community college library
  11. The libraries in the town where the book was set in
  12. BookCrossing.com
  13. Local B&B’s
  14. Local motels
  15. Prisons
  16. Church libraries
  17. Rehab centers
  18. Cruise ship libraries
  19. Doctor’s offices
  20. Community centers
  21. Senior Centers

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