#ISBN’s and #Book #Distrubution

text_left_callout_allWhen I started contemplating putting my books in print I knew I needed to do my research on ISBN number’s. I’d already published some of my books on Amazon KDP, and yes they do give you a free ISBN number for their store. The same goes for Smashwords. But when it came to my print books and createspace I found that I wanted my own ISBN number. The reason being is I wasn’t sure if I would solely use createspace for my print. If I did then they would give me a free ISBN, but what if I want to print my books through someone else?

I realize that print books don’t sell as well as e-books, but at the same time I’m a big advocate of local libraries, and would love to have my books in them for readers. If I’m going to distribute or give away free prints there are companies out there that I can order from that are cheaper than going through Createspace. And I have the option of using other platforms. One of the things I really like about Createspace is their print on demand (I’m also a lover of trees.)

I picked up my ISBN#’s at Bowker.

Here are some websites that have some great information on ISBN #’s, which kinds of books need them and how to link your Amazon E-book to your paperback book:

Also some interesting blogs I’ve read while doing my research: These may be another good reason to distribute to other stores besides or along with Amazon:

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