Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel-Meet the Characters-Rosemary Parks


Clears throat: “I’m a friend of Montana’s and help her by keeping an eye on her property here in the mountains.”

Big grin: “Yes, Montana did work for me, but when she won the lottery she had two houses built on this lovely property and asked me if I would like one of them. I couldn’t say no.”

“Really, there’s not much to do for her up here. I keep her horse, Lightning feed, and play in her greenhouse. I love fresh vegetables. The remainder of my time is spent sitting on my deck enjoying the wonderful views of nature.”

Laughter:  “A little about myself? Hmm… I have been called everything from hippy to new-ager. I love collecting what Montana calls ‘dust catchers’.”

More laughter: “Dragons, fairies, unicorns, pegasus, crystals, pewter castles, you name it I’ve pretty much got it. I dabble a little in energy work and protection spells, but not much. I have to keep myself busy somehow.”

Smirk: “I’ve also been prowling the town looking for a man for Montana, but don’t tell her. I think she’d prefer to be single. I just, you know, worry about her being alone sometimes. She needs someone by her side. I don’t think her dog is that great at protecting her. ”

Chuckling: “He’s much better at napping.”