Off the Beaten Path-Bandelier Opera

IMG_0662I was only able to go to the second half of this at the Bandelier amphitheater due to work, but it was a new experience and fun.

Bandelier holds the opera at the amphitheater once a year, and of course I have been trying to get there for last several years. Tis the year for new adventures:) Black Mesa Winery and Don Quixote Distillery and Winery were there serving. So I was able to get myself a glass of DQ’s Cherry Sherry and find a place on a boulder to sit and watch the show. It’s outdoor fun!

Of course, I had no idea what they were singing about because I arrived so late:) But for the ten dollars it costs to get in it’s well worth it!


IMG_0660 IMG_0661


Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to come across this, this year. I’ve seen it before, but it has been a while.

It’s Tarantula Season at Bandelier…