Sterling Sneak Peek from Chapter One

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Scene from Chapter 1

There’s someone following us,” my sister said after the third shop we’d stopped at.

There’s always somebody following us. We’re beautiful people,” I mocked jokingly. I really hadn’t been paying attention.

We had won the lottery a little over a year ago and I’d finally gotten used to people looking at me like I was familiar.

I’m serious, Montana.” She tried to point, but her hands were too full of bags with clothes and shoes in them.

Don’t point, just tell me where.”

Really hot, sexy guy on the corner to your left,” she whispered, taking a step back so I’d be able to see. “Black hair, sunglasses.”

I turned my head slightly. My heart dropped into my chest. An electrical bolt sizzled through me.

I normally wear dark lens sunglasses. I was glad I had them on now. They hid the emotions that I’m sure were flitting through my eyes.

Keep walking. We’re almost to the restaurant.”

You should go talk to him.”

No.” If I ignored him he might go away.

My sister’s mouth fell open. She closed it quickly, grinning at me. “You know him, don’t you?”

My lips thinned. I thought I’d put a good amount of distance between us when I left the mountains, but his job was tracking down people, and other things, so I wasn’t surprised he’d found me.


2 New Reviews:

I had several reviews on Sterling before joining up with California Times Publishing. They have not integrated into my new and improved version of Sterling yet:) This being said here is a new review on Sterling. The old ones can be found under the trailer.


By Film Critic on January 6, 2016
Format: Paperback, 5 stars
Received this for my daughter and she said it was pretty good. I reviewed for writing aspects and adventure and it hit the mark. Will now read to a group of students. Fun, exciting book.

Format: Kindle Edition

I really enjoyed this novel. I didn’t realize it was a part of a series, but now I really want to read the others.



Set in Florida, “Sterling” continues the story of Montana Dayton, a strong-willed, gutsy heroine who enjoys a good adventure. Montana begins to wake up wearing elaborate, antique jewels and feeling exhausted every night until her friends step in to inquire deeper into her mysterious behavior. You’ll be surprised to find out who, or what, is causing Montana’s lapses in memory and newly acquired treasure!

Those who enjoy a good action/adventure will enjoy “Sterling.” The supernatural twist makes the story, even more, intriguing, keeping readers wanting more as the story unfolds. As the book comes to a close, you’ll anxiously be waiting for the next installment of Lynn Thompson’s Montana Dayton series.  April M. Brown


In Sterling, Lynn Thompson picks up where she left off in Blake.

Montana Dayton is the classic beauty with a strong will and resolve. But she has a few battle scars left over from the first book. Montana’s now in Florida spending time with her sister’s family on vacation. Max has followed her there. Sterling is another installment where Ms. Thompson serves up a paranormal situation aka a demon with plenty of spells and possession thrown in for good measure. As with Blake, you’ll want to put Sterling aside to eat or sleep but you won’t be able to do it because you want to rush to the exciting conclusion. Sterling wraps everything up in one nice, neat package. I can’t wait to see where Ms. Thompson takes Montana next. By Love Books


There’s a lot of excitement in this sequel and without having read the first one, I was caught up in the first few pages. There is a lot of sexual tension in Montana’s life with the requisite love triangle. The unexpected suspense comes with the paranormal element of demon possessed jewelry. Witches, spells, and an undead boyfriend trying to use Montana as a portal to return to life —  these will keep you flipping through the pages to see who will win Montana’s heart.

For those who love sarcasm, wit, and a feisty female protagonist, this is a great tale with a paranormal twist.By Mohadoha


Lynn Thompson does it again with Sterling.  Even though she picks up where she left off with “Blake”, it isn’t required reading to enjoy this book.  Montana is the perfect femme fatal  because she has both a strong will and determination while still maintaining feminine qualities.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that Ms. Thompson can take a paranormal situation and make it totally believable.  As with Blake, you’ll want to keep reading, especially because the unpredictable and awesome conclusion, wraps everything up in one nice, neat package. I can’t wait to see where Montana’s next adventure takes her. By Candy



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