At A Crossroads

The Energy on Earth is accelerating quite a bit.

Every person and animal is feeling it.

No wonder… 2021 is a 5 Universal Year blended with September’s 14/5 Universal Month, ramping up the acceleration to the nth degree…

Contrary to what you’ve been told to believe, you actually enjoy change (vs. being stale and stuck).

You are a courageous adventurer! And that’s a good thing. 
Because we have entered a period where the ride on planet Earth is filled to the brim with unexpected twists and turns. Uranus’ 14° activation in tandem with the recent 14° Virgo New Moon and the 14 and 5 codes for September and 2021 make for an incredible combination.

Risk brings huge Rewards. You are creating on the fly! Which means you are making use of your natural gifts like never before. Trust in your immense abilities to CREATE.

You are discovering how great a creator you truly are, especially at this time!

Natural gifts are the realm of Virgo, where the Sun is navigating now, and your natural gifts are being utilized (and discovered) in a big way.

Communion with Divine Love is the realm of Pisces – the sign opposite Virgo.

Now the great acceleration is asking you to TRUST that the LIGHT of the Divine is eternally present.

That the light you search for in the darkness is always there.

You can choose to trust in the eternal light, or not. That is up to you. But that loving Light is never gone.

As we move ever so rapidly through changes, transformation and the letting go process in order to manifest the great shift, it is our Trust and Faith in God, the Divine that is carrying us through.

Everything that happens to you is part of your journey. Find grace in each experience – in every person who crosses your path. Every ending, every culmination.

THANK the experiences and people for their contribution to your spiritual growth.

5 represents a crossroads, a choice… and ultimately Freedom.

As always, you have a choice as to how to respond to anything in your life.

When you allow the adventurer inside of you to steer your sailboat into uncharted water with absolute faith and joy – you are set free.

So… ENJOY life to the fullest.

And watch closely what you are focusing on (5 is in the Mind triad in numerology). Your heart does not need you to THINK anything, DO anything or GO anywhere. Your Heart lives to express Love.

In this sacred space of loving and caring you naturally trust that you have all the tools within you.

Surrender to what is unfolding. Breathe in deeply, and leave the chatter in your mind so you can listen to the messages in your heart.

Deep breathing helps you flow with the current.

With Earth’s energy accelerating even more reason to stay still.

In stillness you create fearlessly and joyfully.

Trust your Heart. ENJOY living at the crossroads!

Love and Blessings, Tania Gabrielle

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