Embrace the Unlimited You!

This week two ruling planets, Neptune and Pluto, of two water signs, Pisces ad Scorpio, made contact with the Sun.

Now the energy is building towards the Pisces Full Moon (on Sep 20/21).

Water is the only element that reaches everywhere – even where light can’t penetrate in the deepest regions of the oceans, water is present.

Water represents reaching beyond barriers, joining all hearts together as one.

What a time to embrace your vastness!

To embrace the Unlimited in you!

And to welcome opportunities you’ve only dreamed of.

Embrace them ALL.

Don’t live your life in a small way. Branch out, be open. There is no limit on who you can meet and what you can experience.

It is mostly YOU who is limiting yourself from living a big-hearted, fulfilled, joyful life. Whatever you’ve been conditioned to believe about your limits, let it all go.

This is the time of expansion.

Jupiter trines Mercury on Monday, September 20th – a trine that will remain in place for over two weeks, due to Mercury’s retrograde beginning on September 26th – highly unusual, and such good news!

Jupiter’s lengthy harmonious enhancement of Mercury encourages communicating with joy and delight!

  • Take new paths, explore new horizons.

The upcoming expansive, peaceful Pisces Full Moon is also about embracing opportunities.

You are feeling how to dance without being chained down.

Dance freely through your day!

Definitely don’t think so much – trust your intuition on what to do next and where to go.

And discover how you are personally designed to naturally expand, welcome opportunities and manifest abundance with ease!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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