The Spiritual Definition of Wealth

This year October resonates to the wonderful number 6!

10.2021 = 1+0 + 2+0+2+1 = 6

6 is a vibration of love, nurturing and wealth!

“Wealth” carries a multitude of meanings.

  • You can be a person of wealth, indicating affluence and riches.
  • You can exhibit a wealth of ideas, indicating a big supply of resources.
  • You can feel wealthy, indicating a fortunate state of being.

It’s this final description that lies the closest to the ORIGINAL meaning of the word.

Wealth is derived from the Old English “weal” which means well-being, prosperity or happiness.

Wealth is Well-Being!

Imagine the shift within you as a profound sense of well-being overflows your heart with gratitude…

Let’s journey deeper into Wealth by looking at the parts that make up the whole – the spiritual symbolism of each letter in the word WEALTH:

W is Well-being and Wealth, a person Welcoming light and love.

E faces the future, Eager and Energized for fresh Experiences.

A is creative Action, focused and confident, original and Ambitious.

L is open to speak and sing about Love, Life and Liberty.

T is strong and balanced, carrying the Timeless wisdom of the ages.

H is an open window to Heaven and earth, a source of infinite power.

WEALTH is a fusion of beautiful qualities.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

Where are you with your WEALTH codes?⁠


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