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Engage in self-healing and space clearing. Commit to regular practices that help you commit to your inner light. Your light shall not be overcome by any darkness or negativity. Take time to clean your mind and heart of negativity by focusing on the divine beings that bring joy to your heart. It is appropriate for you to desire your own personal and sacred space and access it daily.

Healing Process:

Bring your awareness into the present moment as you ground yourself by feeling your feet connect to the earth. Let there be a feeling of pleasant heaviness as your feet pull the energy down from your heart and toward the earth. It is if the feet can discharge unwanted energies, which the Earth Mother– with her alchemical skill of transmutation–can utilize as fertilizer for new life.

Place a hand over your heart. Feel your connection with yourself, with the light within, with the spiritual vastness that is the light within your heart. See, imagine, feel, or intend that the heart connection to the spiritual light is becoming stronger and more powerful as you gently tune your awareness to it.

If you can relax and allow it, that intelligent inner light will begin to clear, cleanse, renew, and protect you from within your cells. It will move out into all aspects of your life. You may feel this at a subtle level, but even if you feel nothing, you can trust that it is happening, anyway.

White Light Oracle.. @Alana Fairchild

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