Mandala of the Heart

The mandala of the heart is the expression of the divine feminine power within. It is the life changing experience of love, healing, compassion, deep repair and restoration that can only happen when we feel safe and loved enough to truly let go. Despite what the wounded opinions of ego might have one believe, love is the most powerful consciousness on the planet. It is also highly intelligent. As we open to heal with the frequency of love in our hearts, we naturally evoke positive effects in the lives of others, too. We attract positive intervention from Spirit. Pathways open up. Magic happens.

Love is the path to the transformational, the alchemical and the miraculous. It is the means by which negative patterns are reversed and the original purity and beauty of our innate spiritual perfection can manifest itself in all dimensions, including the physical. We may feel we are bumbling along, yet we are blessed with an invisible, powerful field of grace moving with us, ensuring that our actions yield the best outcomes and that we attract what we truly want or need.

The heart has access to a wisdom more powerful than logic and which can overcome any obstacle. To enter into that wisdom we have to trust in something greater than our own opinions and our allegiance to our history. Your heart is more connected to the Universal Heart, it is a holographic emanation, part of the sacred mandala of the divine feminine heart and, as such, holds divine genius and power. It wants to manifest that which evolving, new, inspired and beautiful.

Healing Process

Consciously connect to the flow of your breath. Lightly place a hand over your heart with reverence and respect. Allow your awarness to travel on the breath, going deeper and deeper and dropping into your heart. Imagine that your heart is a sacred temple, a beautiful place filled with light and space.

Rest within your heart, with love an acknowledgment of its precious nature. If there is pain in your heart from this or other lifetimes, you can witness it gently and with compassion, thus allowing it to dissolve in the beauty light and space of love.

Allow your sense of love for your heart, and the love that your heart has for you, to become strong and nourishing. Become peaceful and healed through your own heart connection, now. You do not need to force anything. Love holds space for all experiences. You can rest in that sacred holding of the heart.

White Light Oracle Alana Fairchild